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Plug-ins, sound and musicality

The sound and technology applied to music make us enjoy, vibrate. Finding the best solution in our work requires simple and practical tools that help us in the mixing and mastering tasks. Spending too much time in corrections implies a reduction in fluency at work, thus losing the focus of sound comprehension due to fatigue.


Many years of dealing with these problems led me to design tools focused on facilitating production work.

From hardware devices like M.R.P, for monitoring, and the emulation of different sound reproduction environments, to software complements, such as the popular and free Tape Bus, all of them have had only one purpose, quality, comfort, and greater reliability in the final result. The new product TubeMUv2, has that essence, that of facilitating work with all kinds of sound material, controlling the dynamics and generating cohesion with very few clicks.



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                       80s SOUND                        PRESENCE – CLARITY – GLUE

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Philosophy, work and design

The whole philosophy of development of the gbSound plugins, is based on the knowledge of the operation of both the machines with which I have worked, and those that I have designed and manufactured since the 80s.

Tape Bus It is a good example of this philosophy, in this case, to combine the Tascam 32 tape recorder and the Tascam M520 mixer. This M520, with which I worked in the 90s, and with which I mixed and produced all those discs, offers everything a producer can dream of in terms of warmth, low noise and unbeatable frequency response.


But in this work, there is always much more under the hood. I mean, to the loudness, to the curves that we must recreate for a complete and satisfactory experience in the final work, that the sound is outside the speaker, and visually in the highest possible area, above the box. And all this, speaking of a monaural sound signal, nothing centered and yes, very expanded.

EQUPHONIC I recreate, through a combination of complex processes, these qualities that I have used for many years in hardware machines, and later in DAWs. Its purpose is to process any type of musical instrument, be it percussion, harmony, vocals, or fx, cleaning and reconstructing the audio, and adapting it to the industry standard. In this way, there will be no surprises with tablets, mobiles, hi-fi devices, or club sound, and practically moving a single button.

We are not talking about musical styles, but about audibility curves. Those curves that make the music you create more beautiful, and that will take you more easily, to that professional finish you want.

Since 1980 I have been making my "noises" with stable formations, despite the fact that I started with the world of music much earlier. Since then I have been part of groups such as “Ultima Emoción” and I was a founding member of “MEGABEAT” and of course Interfront, with which I continue constantly both in terms of composition and live performances. I have collaborated in several productions and parallel projects, productions almost always related to electronics. And this is where I “stumbled” for the second time with Germán Bou (in 1990 we were part of the MEGABEAT label) and now gbSoundlab is the one who makes everything sound much better. 

Interfront:   https://www.facebook.com/Interfront/

No DAW should be missing a plugin gbSoundlab

We started our project "The Alchemist" with a very clear idea: to sound as electronically and organically as possible. And this is where the plugins from our friend German Bou come into play.

YouTube channel:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZNJhDFj1FKPK4EQGtHFjtA
Our FB:   https://www.facebook.com/thealchemistmusic

Both "Tape Bus" and "MasterGraphic" helped us find that magic touch. But without a doubt "Equphonic" and especially the wonderful "TrackModeler" managed to get us to achieve that sound we were looking for. 
Without a doubt, we will continue to use their plugins since it is part of our sound.


I am a lover of acoustic sound and my style is a distillate of influences based on folk / pop, country, bossa and primitive jazz. In my compositions there is always a descriptive key, an atmosphere to portray, with texts that tell vital stories, with axes such as travel and metaphors about life. For this reason, the sound treatment of the work is decisive, so as not to lose its essence and primary warmth.
Comboi:   https://www.comboirecords.com/
Youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJLWxXIhC4wYaRu2tTt5JGQ

The alternative to get that heat, I found it a long time ago in these gbSoundlab plugins. Precise emulations of processors such as TubeMU, o EasyMix to quote some are the proof of transferring the soul of the compressors and tube preamps, to the computerized mute, preserving the heat of its origins.

My favorite developer!

I usually work ITB, composing orchestral and cinematic music in my DAW. For this reason, when I apply some effects, I try not to distort what might evoke the sound of a symphony orchestra. This is where the gbSoundlab plugins come into play.
Web:   https://www.javierquilis.com/
Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl5e4a97KjDf-eAH5cSmMlw

from EasyMix, going by Clean Buss or EqPhonic, they all have one element in common: their musicality. This helps make mixing and mastering a natural process of enjoyment, where the little details make all the difference.
I highlight the recent plugin TubeMu, a precise recreation of the famous variable mu valve compressor, which adds warmth and fill to any sound signal that is applied.

Finally, highlight the "quality / price" ratio of your products. They certainly deserve to be in any production set-up.

Am Tom Ecologist of Ecologist -álbum- Hot Filth, who the spanish in 2000 had the good taste to like.
Got a good review in El Pais i believe - I am still going- I work as a rag and bone man and as a musician in Ecologist. Which after many incarnations is now just me, a computer a guitar and me shouting.

ECOLOGIST – The Ecologist Band;   http://ecolog.live/
Tom Ecologist Youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxS69SHh2cdlvqVkzGALkTw

Easymix by gbSoundlab, is in my opinion one of the finest plugins available ,it brings clarity, humanity and warmth to digital recordings. It is an invaluable tool in remaining human in this increasingly bizzare world.

Producer, Mixing Engineer, beta tester software.

EQUPHONIC: a secret weapon to shape the mid frequency