Pro sound! in one click

Mixing processes are mostly complex and tedious. The success is in the choice of tools as closely as possible both in the correction and in the creative processes. The correct sound transfer in multimedia equipment, mobile phones, tablets and large speakers, will be our other great workhorse.

EquPhonic, brings together an implementation of dynamic processes and a conglomerate of filters of different architecture, to cover the needs of adjustment of all types of sound material, such as string instruments, percussions, vocals, synthesizers, etc.

The work he does consists of two parts, one in the middle spectrum "CENTER" and another in the high "UPPER", apart from controlling other body parameters, in the middle / low zone, and bandwidth in the middle / high.
Unlike any other frequency or dynamic processor, EquPhonic does the most tedious job, generating a pleasant, balanced and audible sound response from instruments and vocals in our mixes, and the sound sensation outside the speaker. Now you will have more time for creative work.

AU, VST, VST3 64-bit Mac OS 10.10, and above.
VST, VST3 64-bit Windows 8.1, and above




Intro Vídeo 

Intro Video

Demo acústica    Acoustic Demo

Batería Acústica    Acoustic Drums

“EQUPHONIC” the complement developed by (Germán Bou), to facilitate mixing and mastering audio.
A new tool, which with few clicks will give way to expressive instruments, clear voices and compatibility with speakers of all kinds.

THE GREAT GREEN BUTTON will do the work for you. It will process a pleasant sound, free of turbidity and always with the sensation of presence, definition and sonic extension even working in mono. You can use it on tracks, buses and master, grouping several instruments or inserting it in each track of your DAW.


EquPhonic, incorporates (Group Technology ©), of its own design, to compute and process the most important parameters with a single command. This architecture allows the collection of processes, making control easier, without having to deal with a control panel that is difficult to understand and adjust.


  1. MID AURA: main control, general process
  2. MID AURA: process display, dependent on the input signal
  3. MID AURA: harmonic width control
  4. LO FREQ: low cut filter - shelving, dependent on the overall process
  5. LO FREQ: On - off switch
  6. HI FREQ: high cut filter - shelving and dependent global process
  7. HI FREQ: on-off switch
  8. INPUT: input level control and compression
  9. INPUT: signal meter 
  10. OUTPUT: output level control
  11. OUTPUT: signal meter
  12. CENTER FOCUS: process meter
  13. CENTER FOCUS: gain control
  14. BODY “A”: color selector “A - B”
  15. BODY “A”: gain control
  16. BODY “B”: color selector “A - B”
  17. BODY “B”: gain control
  18. CENTER FOCUS: on-off switch
  19. UPPER FOCUS: process meter
  20. UPPER FOCUS: gain control
  21. MID HIGH Q: color selector “A - B”
  22. HIGH Q: color selector “A - B”
  23. UPPER FOCUS: “HIGH Q” control
  24. UPPER FOCUS: “MID HIGH Q” control
  25. UPPER FOCUS: on-off switch
  26. TRIM LIMITERS: fine tuning low frequency limiter
  27. TRIM LIMITERS: control general de relajación limitadores
  28. TRIM LIMITERS: fine adjustment high frequency limiter
  29. PRESETS: presets selector