A package to enjoy PRO SOUND.

Take advantage of this offer with this unique price and these processors, which will turn any mix, sub mix and track, into a professional job with perfect sound.

These are the links that will take you to the product page, and the demos;

MASTERGRAPHIC:  https://gbsoundlab.com/mastergraphic

EQUPHONIC: https://gbsoundlab.com/equphonic

TRACK MODELER: https://gbsoundlab.com/trackmodeler

Plugin formats:

AU, VST, VST3 64-bit Mac OS 10.11,  and above.
VST, VST3 64-bit Windows 8.1, and above



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«TRACK MODELER« Track Modeler, is a new processor concept for mixing, audio mastering, and everything related to sound treatment. The concept of this tool is based on the best possible degree in which we perceive sound signals and on the closest compatibility with all types of speakers.

«EQUPHONIC« Mixing processes are mostly complex and tedious. The success is in the choice of tools as closely as possible both in the correction and in the creative processes. The correct sound transfer in multimedia equipment, mobile phones, tablets and large speakers, will be our other great workhorse.

«MASTERGRAPHIC« It consists of the implementation of series filters with a total of 30 cuts, and a control of the bandwidth (Q), which allows us to create very musical curves, even with the most problematic sound material. This allows us to overlap the bands, creating with a few "dB" a correction and smooth coloring, but effective.