AU, VST, VST3 32-64-bit Mac OS 10.10,  and above
VST and VST3 32-64-bit Windows 8.1, and above

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A little more about Tape Bus ...

For some time now the free Tape Bus add-on, designed by gbSound, It has helped many composers, producers and DJs, to profile all kinds of instruments, and vocals, emulating analog circuitry and the connection between tape recorder and mixing console.

This plugin was programmed a few years ago when the 32-bit format was in force, being somewhat uncomfortable at present due to the change to 64-bit format, having to use wrappers to adapt it to current workstations.

In cooperation with Wavesfactory (Jesús Ginard, musician, producer and programmer), thanks to his highly professional and altruistic work, it has been possible to code and port Tape Bus, to most current platforms. Wavesfactory, is a company recognized and awarded worldwide, for its excellent plugins and libraries for the Kontakt sampler.

Now we can enjoy Tape Bus, both for Mac and Windows, in the different DAWs such as Logic Pro 9 and 10, Cubase, Ableton, etc.

Mac: AU, VST and VST3 (32/64 bit). It works from Mac OS 10.7
Windows: VST and VST3 (32/64 bit). It works from Windows 7

We hope that now more producers and musicians can enjoy this unique complement.

¡Happy Mix!


A selection of 32-bit plugins, from my own toolbox, so you can enjoy using a (32-> 64-bit wrapper) of these add-ons that have accompanied me and many students and professionals for years.

Among them one quite popular, like “iKiller” and many others that some already know. Now you can download them "free of charge" by filling out the simple form, as in the download of “Tape Bus”. This way you will have the opportunity to work with them shortly.

In a few weeks…

A little more about 32-bit MAC Plug-Ins ...

¡¡PRUEBA TrackModeler!!

Your tracks and master really sounding ¡PRO!

Windows and Mac demo