Life in your tracks

Track Modeler, is a new processor concept for mixing, audio mastering, and everything related to sound treatment. The concept of this tool is based on the best possible degree in which we perceive sound signals and on the closest compatibility with all types of speakers.

The dynamic control section consists of five Pressors ©, with an innovative architecture, where this type of compressor has a totally creative and coherent role. The Pressors, they generate a constant pressure, keeping the sound signal always up and without pumping, nor do they generate the typical signal rise when the audio drops in amplitude, especially at the end of certain passages.

Dynamic Filters, Side Channel Bandwidth Control | Air Processor «INJECTOR – AIR» | Intuitive threshold and gain controls | Loudness Enhancer PADDED AURA” | Amplitude control circuit and dry - wet controls. All that is what he does, that Track Modeler be a different and essential plugin in your mixes.

AU, VST, VST3 64-bit Mac OS 10.11,  and above.
VST, VST3 64-bit Windows 8.1, and above





In “TRACK MODELER” the special design of the units Pressor, is mainly focused on the generation of Glue, that glue that we are looking for to group the instrumental parts, or the entire musical work in the final master.

«PADDED AURA» Thanks to this psychoacoustic processor, the sound will improve in your perception without being masked by the mud, giving the effect of proximity, high sound, location outside the speaker, and powerful and clear bass.

«INJECTOR AIR» Generating sharp, silky highs to bring any instrument to life, bringing out the metal of acoustic guitars in an exciting way, and with any instrument that needs that high end of the spectrum with presence and without aggressiveness. The implementation of "Injector" contributes to the generation of more harmonics, injecting and generating a lot of pressure just in front of the saturation circuit.



PADDED AURA, It is inspired by my research and work philosophy of more than 30 years in relation to audio mixing and mastering. This technology is based on enhancing the articulation and shape, in which the sound signal reaches our ears and the study of which parts of the sound spectrum are more pleasant to our perception.


The selectors PressureThey will be the ones who determine the type of pressure we want at that moment. For parallel work with the help of the control Dry and the pressure adjusted in 4x, 5x, o 6x, we will obtain a constant signal and without pumping, generating “Glue” on any track or bus.


With section AMPLITUDE We can control both signal input and output, but it is also equipped with Dry y Wet apart from the final limiter controls, such as "Dist  (distortion) y Rel” (Release).

The default settings are compatible with almost any type of music signal. Anyway, for very thick instruments we can adjust Relabout 0.35ms, and"Dist”Adapt it to the type of sound source.


For a quick start, we can head to the controls THRESH and adjust them so that the meter needle oscillates and remains in the central area without touching the ground.

Next, we will proceed to adjust the controls MAKEUPpositioning the meter needle at the mark of (-10dB) more or less if we want to get unity gain. We can adjust this control as we wish if we want to vary the spectrum as if it were an equalizer.


Notably, the section "INJECTOR- AIR with generation of sharp but silky trebles, and with the improved architecture of the well-known Tape Bus". The implementation of “Injector” contributes to the generation of more harmonics, injecting and generating a lot of pressure just in front of the circuit “Sat” de Air”.

TrackModeler, In this way, it compiles a tool package in a single unit, to satisfy the demands of today's sound production.